Chicago's Business Climate

Home to an unrivaled talent pool, Chicago is centrally located at the nexus between European and Asian markets, and the North American Free Trade zone. The region features a strong, globally diverse economy larger than that of many countries, has a uniquely friendly and welcoming business community, and boasts one of the best quality-of-life to cost-of-living ratios in the nation.

Tremendous Talent

Stellar educational institutions develop a steady stream of talent in Chicago.

Central Location

Chicago is at the center of global trade, transit, and data networks.

As Big as a Country

Chicago's $561B GRP is more than countries like Norway, Austria, and the United Arab Emirates.


is the largest portion of the workforce that any single industry employs in Chicago

Economic Diversification Matters

A diverse economy remains strong even during times of trouble in certain sectors

Chicago's Diverse Economy

Growing Nexus of Innovation

From the world’s first skyscraper to the invention of improv comedy, Chicago has always been a hothouse of creativity & innovation; a place where ideas are seen as the highest form of currency

Chicago's Innovation Ecosystem

digital startups launched per year on average


strategies to transform the regional economy

A City with an Economic Plan

We’re implementing Chicago’s Plan for Economic Growth & Jobs by leading and partnering on a series of initiatives aligned with the Plan’s 10 strategies

Plan for Economic Growth & Jobs

International Ties

Chicago-based companies have more than 8,000 locations in 170 countries and territories

Chicago's Global Ties

foreign-based companies call Chicago home

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