Chicago Anchors for a Strong Economy (CASE)

Fostering strategic relationships between anchor institutions (universities, cultural institutions, hospitals, government, businesses, etc.) and small businesses who can supply their needs, to build economic vitality across Chicago's neighborhoods

Chicago is home to many major institutions and corporations that require a strong base of goods and service suppliers, from paper and pens to legal services and technology. Creating a strong business-to-business supplier network locally not only supports the success of these institutions, but also strengthens the economy, making the region a more attractive place to do business.

Firms providing business goods and services are located throughout Chicago-area neighborhoods. Focusing on the high volume of business-to-business transactions at major institutions can help strengthen local firms, increase community and neighborhood vitality, generate jobs, and help grow the regional economy.

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Increase Local Spending

by partnering with anchor institutions to infuse new revenue into the regional economy

Facilitate New Contracts

to grow relationships between local businesses and anchor institutions

Grow Network

of anchor institutions and small businesses across the city

Facilitate Training

to build capacity among small businesses in Chicago's neighborhoods

CASE Roundtable, March 2015










236 businesses assisted resulting in new contracts between small businesses and anchors

Sixteen anchor institutions commitments

180 new jobs created

$50.6 million in revenue committed to small businesses through multiyear anchor contracts

Opportunities for Engagement

CASE is accepting new anchors
from the private, public,
and nonprofit sectors
to complement the existing anchor network.
Please contact us for more information.

Strategic Alignment

Deploy Assets to Align with Regional Growth in