Recognizing Chicago’s creative “makers” as brand ambassadors to help raise the city's profile as an innovation hub and destination for business and tourism

The city’s makers are at the center of the ChicagoMade story. A story that reflects Chicago’s reputation as the City of Big Shoulders — a blue-collar town built on hard work, innovation and drive. A city where musicians leave late night gigs for early morning shifts, and where artists, designers, and technologists are driven to carve their vision into this landscape of grit and steel.

By recognizing makers as brand ambassadors, ChicagoMade endeavors to increase awareness about the city that has nurtured so much of the nation’s creative talent.


Music Dealers committed to keeping their company headquartered in Chicago “despite overtures from cities such as Las Vegas and Kansas City, and the allure of Los Angeles, New York and London, each of which is home to a Music Dealers satellite office. ‘When … we saw that the Mayor wanted to show artists that it was a friendly town for them, and that he was willing to cultivate that culture … we would do anything we could to get behind that. … the city is taking the right steps.’” – Crain’s Chicago Business interview with Music Dealers CEO Eric Sheinkop about ChicagoMade @ SXSW

ChicagoMade trade show booth at SXSW 2014












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Innovation Hub

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Creative Hub

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2014 ChicagoMade Music Showcase filled a 300 capacity venue with a line around the block the entire evening two years in a row; performers included Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa, and Wilco side-project The Autumn Defense

176 news stories in outlets including Rolling Stone, Variety, TIME, NPR, Esquire, Engadget, Spin, and The Washington Post

Creative Taste Makers

Innovators, leaders, and creatives who've participated in ChicagoMade include Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Tavi Gevinson, Chance The Rapper, Harper Reed, Vic Mensa, J.B. Pritzker, Adrian Holovaty, Brad Keywell, Howard Tullman, Zach Kaplan and many more.


Meet & Greets with innovative Chicago makers at SXSW


RSVPs to the ChicagoMade @SXSW 2014 Reception

Business Thought Leaders

Those attending ChicagoMade events have included executives of companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, Warner Bros. Records, WordPress, Wolfram Research, Digitas, and C3 Presents.

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