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Maps of the Chicago cityscape and region help businesses visualize the lay of the land, understand networks and relationships, and understand access to assets and amenities. Our Site Selector tool allows users to toggle map layers like industrial corridors, universities, and commercial real estate in order to find locations that might best serve their business needs.

We've also provided a number of other maps below. The Chicago Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), for example, is a 14-county area that includes 4 counties in Indiana as well as Kenosha County in Wisconsin. The Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) map only represents a small piece of the 3,700-mile public transit network of trains & buses that connects nearly 2 million passengers daily throughout the Chicago region -- other services include Metra trains and Pace buses. 

The Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) has integrated transportation costs into an analysis of housing affordability throughout the Chicago region. By calculating various measures of what it calls “Location Efficiency,” CNT is able to evaluate the economic impacts of metropolitan Chicago's multi-modal transportation network.

Chicago is known for some of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in the United States, a collection of over 200 communities with a unique identity. In addition to City and County governing bodies, the City of Chicago is divided into 50 legislative wards. Each ward elects an alderman; the aldermen collectively make up the Chicago City Council.