Chicago leads the nation in fintech

Recent Wins

  • Braintree, added a 20,000 Sq Ft expansion onto its current office space
  • Morningstar, leased an additional 29,519 Sq Ft of office space in Downtown Chicago
  • CapitalOne, added a 22,356 Sq Ft expansion onto its current location
  • Avant, expanded its office in River North by 48,794 Sq Ft

Why Chicago

Combining finance and technology, Fintech is an innovative field that advances Chicago’s goal to become a hub for technology start-ups and investment. Chicago’s strategic location in the Midwest makes it a fertile location for continued fintech sector growth. In 2016 alone, twenty Chicago fintech startups saw a combined $450 million in investment from venture capitalists – more investment than other sectors such as B2B, consumer and healthtech.

Two of the most renowned business schools in the country – The Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago and the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University – are dedicated to fostering fintech growth in Chicago through various academic and professional programs. Both of these programs draw technology and talent to the Chicago area.

ChicagoNext, which works to promote Chicago’s tech community, is also dedicated to grow Chicago’s fintech community and has established a Fintech Council, a team of finance and tech leaders focused on growth strategies and collaboration to empower fintech entrepreneurs and their startups.

Learn more about Chicago’s fintech industry:

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