Food Manufacturing

Chicago leads the nation in food manufacturing

Recent Wins

  • Mars, Inc., purchased 1,388,000 Sq Ft of space in Joliet to house their new distribution center, drawing 400 to 500 jobs to the area
  • Ferrara Candy Co., leased a combined 250,650 Sq Ft of manufacturing space in both Bolingbrook (new facility) and Bellwood (making improvements upon an existing facility)
  • Hellman’s (Unilever), purchased 196,000 Sq Ft of factory and distribution space in Little Village, Chicago
  • Amalgamated Sugar Co., leased a 201,395 Sq Ft facility in Bensenville

Why Chicago

Chicago is well  known for its rich history in food manufacturing, from its meatpacking industry in the 19th century to its ongoing role as a hub for America’s “breadbasket.” These days, Chicago touts the strength of not only its heritage brands, such as Wrigley, Kraft Heinz, and Tootsie Roll Industries, but its smaller, regional manufacturers as well. According to a joint study by RW Ventures and IMEC, Chicago’s food processing and package industry is second only to Los Angeles. This makes Chicago an ideal area for food manufacturers to thrive.

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