NY Times called Chicago “the quintessential American city.” Accessible and affordable, the nation’s only livable big city offers a wealth of choice in neighborhoods, culture, recreation, education, etc. Employers and talent alike locate here to enjoy an unmatched quality of life.


You want opera, gospel or the eight-bar blues? You want a tree-lined yard & house, a funky loft, or a wow skyline-view condo you can walk to from work?

You want the cutting edges of American cuisine, Southern soul food, Northern Italian, Sicilian, Persian, Turkish, Indian vegetarian, prime strip, neighborhood Thai, big food homestyle Lithuanian, budget Greek,… how much time you got?

You wanna ice skate at the feet of skyscrapers, nod off on a blanket under the stars at all-summer free concerts, chill in the hush and splash of a sailboat off downtown, get pumped on globe-touring museum shows?

Or would you prefer tons of great airfares and nonstops to last-minute weekend packages to about anywhere? Or are you staying close to home so you can finish your executive MBA, or trying to make (almost) all your daughter’s soccer games?

Chicago is built for the pursuit of happiness – mind, body and soul. Maybe that’s why the New York Times has called it “the quintessential American city.”

At one-fifth the density of New York, Chicago is manageable: Even its downtown has a sky! It’s clean here. It works.

Virtually all of what’s best about Chicago is accessible and affordable. Even our rich are mostly middle class – the way an “American” city is supposed to be.

The nation’s only livable big city is all about choices. Lots of choices.

But Chicago is a big business town, where employers figured out a century ago that a good life is the foundation of better work; and that life should be good on every rung of the career ladder.

The many faces of quality of life have made Chicago a magnet for an abundant diversity of great talent. It is they who are driving Chicago’s economy forward.

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