People + Work Connect

An Innovative Solution in These Challenging Times: People + Work Connect

While many companies have workforces displaced by COVID-19, many others are in urgent need of workers. To combat this challenge, Chief Human Resource Officers from Accenture, Lincoln Financial Group, ServiceNow and Verizon came together to create a solution for businesses, communities, and people called People + Work Connect.

People + Work Connect is an online employer-to-employer platform that enables companies to quickly identify and fill jobs in Chicago. It eliminates multiple friction points that can extend the time that it takes to fill these roles.

It is powered by a technology platform developed by Accenture, which pools non-confidential and aggregated workforce information by categories such as location and experience. It will give organizations that have open positions a view into the workforces available to fill those jobs, enabling companies that have available employees to help their people find new roles.

People + Work Connect is free, open to all industries and available to companies with at least 100 jobs to fill or 100 available workers to place.

This initiative has the power to put thousands of people back to work in the Chicago community as well as across the country. Learn more at