The Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs is a coordinated effort to assess Chicago's economy and help it expand at a faster rate. It provides a set of goals, a framework for research and analysis, and strategies for which actionable initiatives are being developed.

Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs

Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs

A coordinated effort to assess and expand Chicago’s economy, the Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs provides a set of goals, a framework for research and analysis, and strategies which are currently being implemented to foster regional growth.

10 Transformative Strategies

  1. Become a leading Hub for Advanced Manufacturing
  2. Increase Attractiveness as a Center for Business Services & Headquarters
  3. Become More Competitive as a Leading Transportation & Logistics Hub
  4. Make Chicago a Premier Destination for Tourism & Entertainment
  5. Make Chicago a National Leader in Exports
  6. Create demand-driven and targeted Workforce Development
  7. Support Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Emerging and Mature Sectors
  8. Invest to Create Next-Generation Infrastructure
  9. Develop and Deploy Assets in Neighborhoods to Align with Regional Economic Growth
  10. Create a Business Environment in which Companies can Flourish


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