Josh Vitulli

Analyst & Real Estate Strategist


Sponsor: Gensler
Strategy 8: Invest to create next-generation infrastructure

Josh Vitulli became a Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs Fellow in January of 2015.

Josh is an analyst and real estate strategist specializing in the integration of design with economic, real estate and behavioral models. His ability to align design elements with quantitative and qualitative analytical methods complements design intelligence, elevating the business value proposition through the design process. He consults on workplace analytics, real estate strategy and business development in North America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Josh works with clients to first understand their processes and culture, identifying relationships between design, people and performance to structure analysis that assimilates research with formal models to evaluate multiple scenarios. His most recent work developed a prioritization model to assess over 2 million square feet of corporate real estate and recommend workplace interventions designed to foster focus, collaboration and innovation.

Prior to joining Gensler, Josh was a Peace Corps Volunteer working as a Community and Economic Development Consultant in Bulgaria, a Business Development Consultant in Poland and worked with the Washington State Department of National Resources and FEMA to plan and develop Tsunami evacuation structures on the coast.