Lauras Anagonou

Data Analyst, CASE

Phone: 312-763-3637

Lauras Anagonou joined World Business Chicago in June 2018. In his role as a Data Analyst, Lauras supports the Chicago Anchors for a Strong Economy (CASE) in leveraging data to drive future improvements in procurement performance in a way that boosts inclusive economic growth in the city of Chicago.

In his sophomore year at Harry S Truman College, one of the seven City Colleges of Chicago, Lauras founded a UNICEF Chapter for the school which became one of the largest student clubs on campus. As President, Lauras promoted awareness of human and labor trafficking and ran two fundraising events to build a water pump for villagers in Northern Ethiopia. Based on his accomplishments with UNICEF, Lauras was one of 62 UNICEF volunteers (out of 75,000) in 2015 to receive The White House President’s Volunteer Service Award in recognition for outstanding community service to the United States.

After completing his Associate’s Degree in General Studies at Truman College, the University of Illinois at Chicago awarded Lauras a full tuition scholarship for academic excellence. At UIC his passion for social justice led him to pursue a B.A. in Public Policy. Along the way, Lauras was tapped to be part of the Undergraduate Research Experience, a program dedicated to fostering scholarly engagement and intellectual growth. Leading to his graduation with honors, Lauras authored a capstone research paper on gun violence in Chicago.

Lauras is currently pursuing a Master of Public Policy and Administration with a concentration in Global Policy at Northwestern University. For over five years, he committed and adhered to the One-Book-a-Week challenge. One of his keen interests is in the emerging technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and how to harness its power to foster inclusive economic growth. Lauras is fluent in French. In his spare time he enjoys cycling, tennis, and running.