Melissa Sorenson

Associate Manager


Sponsor: Ernst & Young LLP
Strategy 7: Foster innovation in mature and emerging sectors and support entrepreneurship

Melissa Sorenson became a Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs Fellow in January of 2015.

Melissa is a Senior in the Customer Advisory practice of Ernst & Young LLP. She has experience in marketing, finance, project management and sales strategy, with sector emphasis in Healthcare and Life Sciences.

Prior to joining Ernst & Young, Melissa had the opportunity to work in the marketing department of the #1 dermatologist-recommended skincare brand. Throughout this experience she was able to hone her core business competencies, as well as participate in traditional brand management activities, including new product development, market research and campaign management.

Melissa developed a solid analytical skill set through her undergraduate concentration in general financial management. In addition to her proficiency in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, Melissa has had experience with valuation, financial modeling and business case analysis. She has a diverse and broad understanding of many business processes that allow her to focus on analyzing both the specific processes independently or the correlation of many processes together.