Chicago Sister Cities International

Committed to promoting Chicago as a global city, developing international partnerships and networks, and sharing best practices on a city-to-city basis

As the largest and most active sister cities organization in the United States, Chicago Sister Cities International (CSCI) provides leadership to develop, manage and coordinate comprehensive programs and projects with Chicago’s 29 sister cities in the areas of economic development, tourism, immigration, education, and cultural enrichment, expanding Chicago’s global reach for the benefit of the Chicago, its residents and businesses.

CSCI regularly works with City of Chicago departments and affiliate agencies, international municipal and federal governments, for- and not-for-profit organizations, diplomatic agencies and the Chicago Consular Corps to achieve its goals. These long-standing and close relationships put CSCI in a position as an international leader and major proponent of Chicago’s presence on the global stage.

Over 600 committed volunteers comprise CSCI’s sister city committees to help the organization fulfill its mission on behalf of the City of Chicago.

As division of World Business Chicago since 2013, CSCI works to bind Chicago’s international programming with its economic development goals

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Chicago’s 28 Sister Cities

Accra, Ghana | Amman, Jordan | Athens, Greece | Belgrade, Serbia | Birmingham, UK | Bogotá, Colombia | Busan, Republic of Korea | Casablanca, Morocco | Delhi, India | Durban, South Africa | Galway, Ireland | Gothenburg, Sweden | Hamburg, Germany | Kyiv, Ukraine | Lahore, Pakistan | Lucerne, Switzerland | Mexico City, Mexico | Milan, Italy | Moscow, Russia | Osaka, Japan | Paris, France | Petach Tikva, Israel | Prague, Czech Republic | Shanghai, China | Shenyang, China | Sydney, Australia |     Toronto, Canada| Vilnius, Lithuania | Warsaw, Poland

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