Small Business Opportunity Centers

Connecting Business to Capital

The City of Chicago piloted three Capital Access Centers (now known as Small Business Opportunity Centers) within existing Neighborhood Business Development Centers (NBDCs) to facilitate lending to small businesses, especially in the underserved $50,000 to $250,000 range.

Centers match entrepreneurs to the appropriate tool in a full spectrum of business financing and assistance options.






Match local businesses with financial tools

Grow Program

Increase number of locations and range of assistance available


Consulted with more than 150 businesses between March – August 2015
21 loans made totaling to $1,937,000.

Opportunity to Engage

Partners can highlight and promote their financial products, support local businesses and contribute to a thriving local business ecosystem


City of Chicago | Department of Business Affairs & Consumer Protection | Citibank

Strategic Alignment

Deploy Assets to Align with Regional Growth in