Andrea Zopp

President & CEO

Alya Adamany Woods

Executive Director, ChicagoNEXT

Leroy Allala

Executive Vice President, World Business Chicago

Executive Vice President, Chicago Sister Cities International

Lauras Anagonou

Data Analyst, CASE

Sean Anderson

Communications Specialist

Tom Bartkoski

Director of International Business Development

Lori Bush

Vice President of Business Development

Genevieve Coady

Executive Director, ChicagoMade

Brenna Conway

ThinkChicago Program Manager, ChicagoNEXT

Raven DeVaughn

Program Director, CASE

Rebecca Diaz

Business Relationship Manager, CASE

Myrna Farmer

Executive Director, Board Relations

Kelley Foxx

Anchor Relationship Manager, CASE

Paula Galbraith

Financial Accounting Consultant

Kristin Gomez

Director of Marketing & Communications

Terrance Hall

Manager of Cluster Growth

Tiffany Hamel-Johnson

Executive Vice President of Strategy and Administration

Sana Hussain

Director of Business Development

Bernita Johnson-Gabriel

Executive Vice President for Neighborhoods and Strategic Initiatives

Benjamin Kelner

Deputy Director, Communications

Abin Kuriakose

Program Manager, ChicagoNEXT

Ella McCann

International Program Manager, Chicago Sister Cities International

Joy Lyu Monahan

General Counsel and Director of Special Projects

Anel Montes

Director of International Programs, Chicago Sister Cities International

Jimmy Odom

Director of Inclusive Entrepreneurship, ChicagoNEXT

Ashley Pontes

Administrative Assistant, Receptionist

Yolanda Richards

Manager of Business Development

Maggie Rosado

Senior Administrative Assistant

Phyllis A. Ross

Executive Assistant to President and CEO

Melanie Sillas

Director of Development

Carrie Simmons

Director of Operations and Human Resources

Andrew Spinelli

Director of Global Strategic Initiatives

Christal Stinson

Chief Development Officer

Tanya Tan

Associate Director of International Business Development

Adrienne Tongate

Deputy Director, Chicago Sister Cities International

Dennis Vicchiarelli

Executive Vice President, Business Development