Tom Bartkoski

Director of International Business Development

Lori Bush

Director of Economic Development

Becky Cundiff

Executive Assistant to the President and CEO

Kyle DeGiulio

Director of Business Development

JoAnn Eckmann

Special Projects Coordinator (Consultant)

Valerie Egon

Research Analyst

Myrna Farmer

Administrative Chief of Staff

Vernita Gary

Administrative Assistant

Liz Jellema

Director of Research

Alejandro Leza

Program Manager, CASE

Eileen Lopez

Graphic Designer

Shannon McGhee

Communications Manager

Joy Lyu Monahan

General Counsel and Director of Special Projects

Nitika Nautiyal

Executive Director, CASE

Carolyn Kae Phillips

Strategic Initiatives

John Ramirez

Executive Director, Plan for Economic Growth & Jobs

Yolanda Richards

Business Development Associate

Maggie Rosado

Executive Assistant

Carrie Simmons

Director of Operations

Andrew Spinelli

Director of Global Strategic Initiatives

Karley Sweet

Public Relations (Consultant)

Tanya Tan

Associate Director of International Business Development

Wendi Taylor Nations

Chief Marketing Officer

Bailey Warren

Project Coordinator, 1,000 Jobs Campaign