Streamline Chicago

Improving the business climate in Chicago, from streamlining permitting, to simplifying the navigation of city processes

Streamline Chicago will assess areas where business and city government interact, and recommend the highest impact opportunities to remove barriers to business growth.

This effort builds on Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s initial and ongoing focus on supporting small businesses and reducing business licenses and processing times.


Improve Coordination

between governmental entities ignored to reduce friction for businesses

Increase Accessibility

to a more open business climate

Enable Accountability

through performance metrics and tracking

Streamline Processes

for basic support


Launched a one-stop-shop permit center and in the process of launching an online wizard to assist with licensing and permitting

Innovation Delivery Team reduced business license categories by 60 percent

Mayor Emanuel phased out head tax, saving Chicago businesses over $40 million from 2012-2014 and almost $25 million per year going forward

Achieved 50 percent reduction in wait times at the Small Business Center, with a quarter of all businesses in and out within 20 minutes

Average start time to open a restaurant has decreased by 33 percent, while restaurants with new construction saw start-up times reduce by 50 percent



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