WBC 2014 Annual Report

Annual report showcases WBC’s accomplishments and their impact

annual reportIn 2014, World Business Chicago (WBC) drove growth throughout the city and its neighborhoods through the implementation of initiatives such as the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute on Goose Island and CASE (Chicago Anchors for a Strong Economy). It was a year of action and results, and our annual report showcases our accomplishments and their impact.

In 2014, we recorded more projects (including company relocations and expansions) than ever before, and the Chicago area was recognized for the second straight year as the nation’s top metropolitan area for corporate expansions and relocations by Site Selection magazine. The region attracted 21,700 new jobs and $6.8 billion in investment. Chicago posted the biggest year-over-year drop in its unemployment rate out of the 15 largest cities in six out of 12 months last year. Companies from ADM to Braintree to Wanda Group to Yelp have chosen to locate and expand in Chicago.

The number of communities WBC reached – in Chicago and across the region – is significant. And we’ve made tremendous connections with our international partners, including hosting the U.S.-China  Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade last December.

The linked annual report highlights how under Mayor Emanuel’s leadership, WBC is shaping Chicago’s position as an international business center and putting the city at the forefront of the global economy.