World Business Chicago Attends London Tech Week (LTW)

From June 11 – June 14, World Business Chicago participated in London Tech Week (LTW). The mission contributed to the London-Chicago Alliance that was signed in 2016. This Alliance is of particular importance as London has been Chicago’s leading source of city-level Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for the past three years.

During the mission, WBC President and CEO Andrea Zopp along with WBC teammates Andrew Spinelli, Director of Global Strategic Initiatives and Sana Hussain, Director of Business Development engaged with over 100 London tech companies, spoke at multiple London Tech Week events and panels, met with multiple company leads and announced AmazeRealise, a division of Kin + Carta will expand their Chicago office by 100 people over the next 18 months. In addition, the World Business Chicago team attended the London office opening for G2, a Chicago-based company.