City of Chicago’s Recovery Task Force Advisory Report

On April 23, The City of Chicago launched a COVID-19 Recovery Task Force (RTF) to advise city government as economic recovery planning efforts get underway in the wake of the coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). The Task Force was Co-Chaired by Mayor Lightfoot and former White House Chief of Staff Sam Skinner and led by a group of experts from a wide range of industries, regional government leaders, community-based partners and policymakers.

The RTF recognized that the existing economic and social divide, the threat of COVID-19, and most recently, potent examples of racial injustice have combined to create a uniquely painful moment for the Chicago region and that transformative change is necessary for the region to move forward through these challenges. While the recommendations put forward by the RTF in its Advisory Report cannot and will not solve all the challenges currently facing Chicago, the Advisory Report outlines bold, actionable ideas to tackle them head-on.

As part of RTF’s efforts, one RTF committee drafted a Change Study to highlight the impact of COVID-19 on Chicago’s economic and social fabric, and to aid RTF recommendations across committees. The findings of the Change Study place a sharp focus on the existing inequities in Chicago and the role those inequities play in deepening the impact of the current crisis for many Chicagoans. COVID-19’s impact on lives and livelihoods was rapid and deeply felt across our region, but this impact has not been experienced equally across communities. To read the full RTF Advisory Report, click here.