Global Ties

A hub of international business activity, Chicago is home to well over 1,900 foreign-based companies, representing $140B in foreign direct investment.

Global Strategic Initiatives

Chicago’s robust international business resources include 80+ Consulates and Consuls General, and 100+ international/ethnic Chambers of Commerce and international trade-based organizations.

#1 in North America for Foreign Direct Investment.

O’Hare captured 5.2% of all U.S. trade in value for 2019 and ranked No. 3 for total trade among the nation’s roughly 450 airports, seaports and border crossings through May of 2020.


Top ranked destination in the U.S. for foreign direct investment.

Trending Global Location

IBM's Global Location Trends 2019 Annual Report ranks Chicago the top U.S. city for foreign direct investment (FDI), for the seventh consecutive year.

Global Strategic Partnerships

China Gateway Cities Agreement | Mexico City Global Cities Economic Partnership | London City Data Alliance | Tel Aviv-Yafo Partnership | Japan Economic Partnership | Paris Economic Partnership.


Global Strategic Partnerships


Chicago Sister Cities in 29 countries around the world.

Global Partnerships

As a division of WBC, Chicago Sister Cities International advances Chicago as a global city and promotes peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation through citizen diplomacy for the benefit of Chicago and its sister cities.

Chicago Sister Cities International

Specialized Services

Businesses in the Chicago area benefit greatly from a sizable and concentrated pool of specialized services.

Prominent companies in advertising, management consulting, finance, human resources, accounting, law and logistics all serve to promote businesses in Chicago and around the world.

Whether your business operates on a local, national or global scale, everyone benefits.