Aaron Miree

Board Member

Austin African American Business Network Association

Sponsor: AAABNA

Wave 11: May 2016- November 2016

Strategy 5: Making Chicago a national leader in exports  

Initiative: Metro Chicago Exports


Aaron Miree is a professional and inclusive thinker, making his mark on the business world. Understanding that most solutions aren’t paint by-numbers, Aaron has achieved success through implementation of creative strategies with the school partnerships he has been an integral part of, couple this with experience in government and economic development within the City of Chicago, Aaron brings a unique element to the equation.

Aaron has an active history of performance, accountability, and commitment to the highest tiers of professionalism. His work with the Austin African American Business Networking Association as a Board Member has helped the organization arrive at the forefront of economic impact in the Austin neighborhood; in addition to fostering business growth and acting as a strong advocate for business education. At his previous role with Ombudsman Chicago South as a Post Secondary Counselor, Aaron has developed student goals utilizing individual success plans from Chicago Public Schools. After creating the Early College & Career Readiness curriculum, Aaron saw that all three-hundred underclassmen are currently on track for graduation. Aaron’s effort has led to community outreach partnerships with Urban Alliance, Genesys Works and Metropolitan Family Services.

Described by his superiors as highly motivated, creative, and analytical, Aaron has demonstrated his knowledge of strategy and focus for his work. Aaron Miree is well versed in technology and has a multifaceted understanding of practice within the educational, governmental, and business realms. As an avid reader and fitness enthusiast, his philosophy towards personal improvement mirrors his devotion to his business roles. Aaron holds a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing, and is prepared to complete his Masters of Business Administration in Leadership & Change Management from Concordia University Chicago..