Carrie Simmons

Director of Operations and Human Resources

Phone: 312-553-4330

Carrie Simmons is Director of Operations and Human Resources for World Business Chicago (WBC), a public-private business development unit created in 1999. Simmons came to World Business Chicago in its first few days of operations and helped the organization grow into an award-winning operation.

Simmons started with WBC as the business manager and was responsible for the build out of new office space, establishing WBC’s policies and the day-to-day responsibilities for the organization’s accounting and IT. Simmons took on her current role as the Director of Operations and Human Resources in 2016 with the primary focus on human resources. Simmons also serves as the Secretary for WBC’s Board of Directors.

Before joining WBC, Simmons was the Director of Sales for Heinz Corporation’s Cardio Fitness Center in Chicago. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Northern Illinois University and received the Outstanding Bachelor of Science Student award.