Maggie Rosado

Senior Administrative Assistant

Phone: 312-553-4628

Maggie Rosado serves as Senior Administrative Assistant to World Business Chicago’s business development team. Ms. Rosado came to World Business Chicago in its first days of operation and helped the organization grow into an award-winning organization.

Ms. Rosado started at World Business Chicago as its administrative assistant and was responsible for maintaining smooth office operations and creating a professional environment in the office for guests, partners and clients. This role was crucial to the organization’s ability to achieve its mission of positioning Chicago as an attractive business location. Rosado served as the Executive Assistant to former President and CEO, Rita Athas. Currently, Ms. Rosado supports the business development team as the Senior Administrative Assistant.

Before joining World Business Chicago, Ms. Rosado was an Administrative Assistant for HQ Global Workplaces, a multinational corporation that provides office accommodation in business centers worldwide. Maggie Rosado has her Associate of Arts in Business and Human Resources.