Summer Vacation Cancelled?

Discover Chicago’s Sister Cities Digitally

While summer is often peak vacation season, this year undoubtedly looks a little different. However, you can still safely enjoy the excitement of traveling to a new city, through Chicago Sister Cities International (CSCI)’s virtual visits and digital factsheets pages!

Visit CSCI’s Discover Our Sister Cities page for a full list of arts and cultural institutions across the globe offering free virtual tours and access. The list includes diverse museums, art galleries and performance halls that showcase the artistic, cultural and architectural contributions of Chicago and our sister cities.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be adding a list of special recommendations including books, music, documentaries, films and recipes that highlight the unique culture, history and cuisines of Chicago’s sister cities to expand your knowledge.

Additionally, explore the world with CSCI’s digital city factsheets for more recipes, fun facts, and interesting links about Chicago’s 29 sister cities.

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